Yellow Fever Mosquito Detected In San Joaquin County

From CBS Sacramento
June 8, 2021

San Joaquin County (CBS13) – Mosquitoes that carry yellow fever have been detected in San Joaquin County.

Invasive species were found in the Brookside area of ​​Stockton, according to the county’s mosquitoes and vector management area. This is the third consecutive year that this Aedes aegypti has been discovered in the prefecture.

“This is the earliest discovery of Aedes aegypti in San Joaquin County in the last three years.” The general public can prevent the spread of these invading mosquitoes by attracting daytime bites to the area. “

Yellow fever is a fatal illness that can lead to bleeding and organ failure.

The district said it would continue its surveillance activities by installing traps to collect insect and mosquito eggs.

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