Advocacy & Legislation

MVCAC plays an active role in ensuring new legislation and regulations are beneficial to mosquito and vector control districts’ mission to further the protection of public health. In addition to tracking and responding to proposed legislation, MVCAC strives to keep legislators informed of issues of concern to vector control and provides expertise on potential legislative or regulatory solutions. Explore the sections below to learn more about the issues and how to advocate for effective mosquito control.
Legislative & Regulatory Issues
Explore the background of legislative and regulatory issues that could impact the efficiency and effectiveness of vector control strategies. Learn more »
Resource Materials
Advisory and informational materials on mosquito and vector control, including white papers, position papers, and fact sheets for legislators, local government, and the general public. Learn more »
Advocating for Public Health
Discover how MVCAC advocates for laws and regulations that aid in protecting public health through effective mosquito control and what you can do to support this effort. Learn more »