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MVCAC members represents a diverse group of experts with varied interests, all committed to protecting public health and the advancement of the science of mosquito control. Member agencies strive to provide quality public information, comprehensive mosquito and vector-borne disease surveillance, and training to high professional standards. Communication amongst member agencies helps facilitate those goals.

Jobs & RFPs
Explore exciting opportunities to work in mosquito and vector control in California. Learn more »
Associations & Organizations
Along with the close to 70 MVCAC member agencies, there are many partner associations in California and around the country who share similar goals and missions. Learn more »
Explore brochures, annual meeting papers, and other publications on mosquito and vector control in California. Learn more »
Trustee Resource Center
Many member agencies have a Board of Trustees that helps to achieve the agency’s mission. The Trustee Resource Center is a one-stop shop to help guide Trustees in their role. Learn more »