MVCAC Committees

Executive Jeremy Wittie Coachella Valley MVCD (760) 399-6941
CalSurv  Chris Barker UC Davis CVEC (530) 752-0151
Information Technology Robert Ferdan Alameda County MAD (510) 783-7744
Integrated Vector Management Jamesina Scott Lake County MVCD (707) 263-4770 ext 102
Laboratory Technologies Eric Haas-Stapleton Alameda County MAD (510) 783-7744
Legislative Conlin Reis Fresno Westside MAD (559) 659-2437 ext 201
Public Relations Jill Oviatt Coachella Valley MVCD (760) 342-8287
Regulatory Affairs  Jennifer Henke Coachella Valley MVCD (760) 342-8287
Reeves New Investigator Award Jamesina Scott, Ph. D. Lake County VCD (707) 263-4770
Training & Certification John Fritz San Joaquin County MVCD (209) 982-4675
Trustee Council Donna Rutherford San Mateo County MVCD (650) 344-8592
Vector and Vectorborne Disease Marcia Reed Sacramento/Yolo MVCD (916) 685-1022
Vector Control Research J. Wakoli Wekesa East Side MAD (760) 342-8287

Executive Committee

Chair President Jeremy Wittie, Coachella Valley MVCD
Members President, Jeremy Wittie
President-Elect, Peter Bonkrude
Vice President, Truc Dever
Past President, David Heft
Donna Rutherford, Trustee Council
Executive Director, Bob Achermann
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CalSurv Steering Committee

Chair Chris Barker, UC Davis CVEC
Members Ada Barros (PR Committee rep)
Tina Feiszli, CDPH
Dan Fisher (IT Committee rep)
Eric Haas-Stapleton (Research Committee rep)
David Heft (Exec Committee rep)
Vicki Kramer, CDPH
Bill Reisen, UC Davis
Mary Sorensen (Vector/Vector-Borne Disease Committee rep)
Google Group n/a
2019 Charges N/A

Information Technology Committee

Chair Robert Ferdan, Alameda County MAD
Members Peter Bonkrude, Shasta MVCD (Board liaison)
Mark Daniel, Greater LA County VCD
Mark Dynge, Delta VCD
Babak Ebrahimi, MSPH, PhD, Santa Clara County VCD
Dan Fisher, Sacramento/Yolo MVCD
David Heft, Turlock MAD
Rachel Hickerson, AMG
Aaron Ho, Santa Clara County VCD
Julia Laciste
Kiet Nguyen, Luan Ngo, Orange County VCD
Edward Prendez, Coachella Valley MVCD
Brian Reisinger, West Valley MVCD
Jody Simpson, UC Davis CVEC
Michael Tran, Santa Clara County VCD
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2019 Charges
  1. Continued (2018) development of Visual Gateway project with educational training for agencies in collaboration with DART. Investigation of methods to publish live surveillance reports and maps to member agencies public websites.
  2. Create information sharing forums for all districts to learn about Enterprise level Hardware, Software and Security related to the mosquito field.
  3. Create and maintain partnership with MISAC & MS-ISAC (Municipal Information Systems Association of California).
  4. Continue (2018) Outreach to member agencies to educate and connect staff that support technology through webinars, online message forums, email lists and blasts, and regional technology training events for information security best practices and other topics.
  5. Continue IT survey (2018), discuss and report actionable items.

Integrated Vector Management Committee

Chair Jamesina Scott, Lake County MVCD
Members Bob Achermann, AMG
Elizabeth Andrews, CDPH/VBDS
Paul Binding, Santa Cruz Co. MVCD
Mark Daniel, Greater L.A. Co. VCD
Jake Hartle, Placer MVCD
Laura Krueger, Orange Co. VCD
Ed Lucchesi, San Joaquin Co. MVCD
Paula Macedo, Sac-Yolo MVCD
Marco Metzger, CDPH/VBDS
Kelly Middleton, Greater LA Co. VCD
Brian Olson, CA Dept. Fish & Wildlife
Mike Saba, Orange County VCD
Marty Scholl, Sac-Yolo MVCD
Amber Semrow, Orange County VCD
Steven Su, West Valley MVCD
Taylor Tushar, Delta MVCD
Bill Walton, UC Riverside
Stephanie Whitman, Valent BioSciences Corporation
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2019 Charges
  1. Emerging Technologies in Mosquito Control
    1. UAV Applications.  Regulatory aspects handled by RAC.
  2. Develop recommendations on pesticides and their use, and on their registration status and related issues.
  3. Pesticide Resistance Monitoring and Management
    1. For 2019, I recommend that the Committee review and update the Resistance Monitoring document
  4. Report on environmental issues that may affect the members of the MVCAC. 
    1. I recommend leaving this charge with the IVM, with any regulatory aspects handled by RAC.  This is often where new or unusual challenges faced by MVCDs are introduced to the broader membership. 
  5. Report on the prevention of vector sources by means of planning, public education, and interagency cooperation.  [Marty and/or Amber]
  6. Develop information on the availability, use, and impact of biological control organisms. [Chris Ocegueda/ Mike Saba]
  7. Administer the PESP survey for MVCAC
  8. Annually review CDPH guidance documents, including Guidance for Surveillance of and Response to Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes and Locally Acquired Exotic Mosquito-Borne Infections Transmitted by these Mosquitoes in California and The Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Mosquito Control in California and recommend updates as necessary.  [Marco] 
  9. Provide support to other committees as needed.

Laboratory Technologies Committee

Chair Eric Haas-Stapleton, Alameda County MAD
Members Bob Achermann, AMG
Chris Barker, DART, UC Davis
Sutapa Biswas, Alameda VCD
Lark Coffey, DART, UC Davis
Jesse Erandio, Delta VCD
Ying Fang, DART, UC Davis
Carrie Fogarty, Orange County VCD
Saran Grewal, San Diego DEH
Shaoming Huang, San Joaquin County MVCD
Kim Hung, Coachella Valley MVCD
Kara Kelley, Sacramento-Yolo MVCD
Chris Kilonzo, CDPH
Susanne Kluh, Greater LA County VCD
Kelly Liebman, Marin-Sonoma MVCD
Kimberly Nelson, San Gabriel Valley MVCD
Steve Schutz, Contra Costa MVCD
Phillip Spinks, Placer MVCD
Steven Su, West Valley MVCD
Noor Tietze, Santa Clara County VCD
Nayer Zahiri, Santa Clara County VCD
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2019 Charges
  1. Organize and host an annual workshop that will offer enhanced communication, training and collaboration among vector control laboratory personnel
    1. Organize and host the 2019 Annual Workshop entitled “Biosafety and Arthropod Containment”
  2. Partner with DART to establish fees for proficiency panels, positive controls, reagents and other support consumables to enhance cost-efficiency and standardization between labs
    1. Evaluate the utility and feasibility of incorporating internal positive control DNA into arbovirus testing to monitor for the presence of PCR inhibitors
    2. Evaluate product pricing with ThermoFisher sales representatives
  3. Evaluate and make recommendations for enhanced protocols to improve quality control of laboratory testing
    1. Evaluate the efficacy of commercially available magnetic bead-based RNA extraction kits
    2. Once the sequence of the kdr genes are provided by CZ Biohub, assist in developing and evaluating SNP assays for insecticide resistance testing  

Legislative Committee

Chair Conlin Reis, Fresno Westside MAD
Members Bob Achermann, AMG
Matt Ball, Butte County MVCD
Paul Binding, Santa Cruz County MVCD
Andrew Cox, Tehama County MVCD
Tamara Davis, Marin-Sonoma MVCD
Gary Goodman, Sacramento/Yolo MVCD
Rick Howard, Orange County MVC
Bryan Jackson, CDPH/VBDS Liaison
Eddie Luchessi, San Joaquin Co. MVCD
Ed Manning, KP
Jeremy Wittie, Coachella Valley MVCD (Board Liaison)
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2019 Charges Conlin – Submit 2019 charges for committee by Monday January 14th ; Items in question for 2019 are

  1. Anticoagulant/Rodenticide Ban? Bloom
  2. Separate Storm Sewer Systems? Rubio
  3. Cannabis

Public Relations Committee

Chair Jill Oviatt, Coachella Valley MVCD
Members Ada Barros, Placer MVCD
Allison Bray, County of San Diego VCP
Erika Castillo, Alameda County MAD
Anais Medina Diaz, Greater LA County VCD
Aaron Devencenzi, San Joaquin County MVCD
Jared Dever, San Gabriel Valley MVCD (Board Liaison)
Allyx Nicolici, CDPH, Sacramento
Conlin Reis, Fresno Westside MAD
Luz Maria Robles, Sacramento/Yolo MVCD
Megan Sebay, San Mateo County MVCD
Nizza Sequeria, Marin/Sonoma MVCD
Levy Sun, San Gabriel Valley MVCD
Dan Wilson, Alameda County VCSD
Lisa Yarbrough, KP
Lora Young, Orange County MVCD
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2019 Charges
  1. Develop and roll out a Third Party Outreach Strategy including speaking and exhibiting opportunities at relevant conferences, providing content to industry partners for newsletters and social media, and identifying, recruiting, and training spokespersons and subject matter experts for issues related to MVCAC.  
  2. Finalize and roll out Issues Management Communications Plan to provide guidelines that assist individual districts and the MVCAC when mosquito and vector related issues arise.  
  3. Develop best practices for invasive Aedes outreach for pre- and post-detection in collaboration with the Integrated Vector Management and Vector & Vector-borne Disease Committees.
  4. Develop White Paper on importance of Integrated Vector Management in collaboration with Legislative and IVM Committees.
  5. Oversee the development and implementation of statewide survey to measure population’s understanding and perception of mosquito control and develop a strategy to address any misconceptions and pursue opportunities. 

Reeves New Investigator Award Committee

Chair Jamesina J. Scott, Lake County VCD
Members Bruce Eldridge, UC Davis
Rachel Hickerson, AMG
Rhiannon Jones, East Side MAD
Kerry Padgett, CDPH/VBDS, Richmond
Steven Su, West Valley MVCD
Google Group
2019 Charges
  1. Review Reeves and evaluate Reeves Award applicants’ manuscripts and papers, and determine awards. 
  2. Review & update Reeves Award Policy
    1. Consider changing the annual deadline to from December 1 to November 1 accommodate conference planning
    2. Explore methods to increase participation
      1. Review award amount and consider increasing.
        1. Is $1,000/$500/$250 adequate award amount?  Should it be increased?
        2. Set defined award amounts for each Reeves Award, second place, honorable mention.

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Chair Jennifer Henke, Coachella Valley MVCD
Members Bob Achermann, AMG
Sarah Billeter, CDPH/VBDS Ontario
Peter Bonkrude, Shasta MVCD (Board Liaison)
Erika Castillo, Alameda County MAD
Samer Elkashef, Sacramento/Yolo MVCD
Mark Hall, Greater LA County VCD
David Heft, Turlock MAD
Rhiannon Jones, Merced County MAD
Ed Manning, KP
Mark Novak, CDPH/VBDS, Elk Grove
Brian Olson, CDFW
Conlin Reis, Fresno Westside MAD
Brian White, KP
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2019 Charges
  1. Review the tolerance levels for pesticides used for mosquito control permitted for cannabis. Continue work with DPR and BCC.
  2. Continue to work with DPR on the regulations around using UAVs to apply mosquito control pesticides.
  3. Review existing and new devices proposed to capture trash in storm water structures.
  4. Monitor issues around the re-use of storm water and irrigation run-off collected.
  5. Evaluate the impact of mosquito management practices as employed at wetlands managed by CDFW.

Training and Certification Committee

Chair John Fritz, San Joaquin County MVCD (Regional Training Coordinator for the North San Joaquin Valley Region)
Members Amanda Bradford, Sutter Yuba MVCD
Jason Farned, San Gabriel Valley MVCD (Training Coordinator for the Southern California Region)
Ada Barros Heiser, Placer MVCD
Rachel Hickerson, AMG
Michael Niemela, CDPH VBDS (CDPH Certification and Training Coordinator)
Katherine Ramirez, Consolidated MAD (Training Coordinator for the South San Joaquin Valley Region)
Daniel Wilson, Alameda County Department of Environmental Health VCSD (Training Coordinator for the Coastal Region)
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2019 Charges
  1. Coordinate the Association’s program of regional continuing education and statewide webinar development, maintaining the expected training standards in vector control.
  2. Review submitted training curricula and recommend approval to the CDPH representative.
  3. Interpret state regulations on continuing education and recommend modifications as needed to maintain a quality and efficient program.
  4. Produce original content or secure approval of existing content to provide a sufficient number of webinars to complement live, in-person programs in order to fulfill continuing education unit requirements for the current training cycle.

Trustee Council

Chair Donna Rutherford, San Mateo County MVCD
Members Vice Chair: Doug Hassett, Coachella Valley MVCD, Member and Representative for the Southern California Region
Tom Anderson, Butte County MVCD, Member and Representative for the Sacramento Valley Region
Lynn Apland (Turlock MAD) Member and Representative for the Northern San Joaquin Valley Region
Dan Munk, Consolidated MAD, Member and Representative for the Southern San Joaquin Valley Region
Donna Rutherford, San Mateo County MVCD, Member and Representative for the Coastal Region
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2019 Charges
  1. Donna – Work with the Trustee Council and Executive Committee to define the role of and set clear charge(s) for the Council by the spring 2019 quarterly.

Vector & Vectorborne Disease Committee

Chair Marcia Reed, Sacramento/Yolo MVCD
Members Chris Barker, UC Davis
Lark Coffey, UC Davis
Bruce Eldridge, UC Davis
Tina Feiszli, CDPH/VBDS, Richmond
Susanne Kluh, Greater LA County VCD
Angie Nakano, san Mateo MVCD
Monica Patterson, Turlock MAD
William Reisen, UC Davis
Steve Schutz, Contra Costa MVCD
Jamesina J. Scott, Lake County VCD
Mary Sorensen, Placer MVCD
Steven Su, West Valley MVCD
Kim Hung, Coachella Valley MVCD
Mir-Bear-Johnson, Delta VCD
Google Group
2019 Charges
  1. Develop comprehensive Emerging Vectorborne Disease Response Plan to control and contain potential outbreaks of dengue, chikungunya or Zika virus. Include in this plan details as to control techniques and recommended equipment, control products, etc…

Vector Control Research Committee

Chair J. Wakoli Wekesa, East Side MAD
Members Chris Barker, University of California
Melissa Doyle, San Gabriel Valley MVCD
Eric Haas-Stapleton, Alameda County MAD
Jennifer Henke, Coachella MVCD
Rachel Hickerson, AMG
Shaoming Huang, San Joaquin County MVCD
William Reisen, University of California, Proceedings Editor
Mary Sorensen, Placer MVCD
Steven Su, West Valley MVCD
Noor Tietze, Santa Clara County VCD
Bill Walton, University of California
Sarah Wheeler, Sacramento-Yolo MVCD
Jeremy Wittie, Coachella Valley MVCD (Board Liaison)
Melissa Yoshimizu, CDPH/VBDS, Richmond
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2019 Charges
  1. Identify and collaborate on investigations at the District level to improve the efficacy and efficiency of IVM programs.
  2. Determine research needs from MVCAC Committees such as Vector Borne Diseases, IVM, and regulatory affairs and work with them for appropriate solutions.
  3. Identify the research priorities at the UC Centers of Excellence, encourage Districts to partner with UC Researchers on priority research, and disseminate to MVCAC groups.

MVCAC Representatives

CSDA – Ryan Clausnitzer, Alameda MVCD
CCLHO – Jeremy Wittie, Coachella Valley MVCD
VCJPA – Tamara Chapman, Marin Sonoma MVCD
AMCA – Gary Goodman, Sacramento-Yolo MVCD
2019 Proceedings Editor – William Reisen, University of California