Advocating for Public Health

What we do

MVCAC plays an active role in ensuring new legislation and regulations are beneficial to mosquito and vector control districts’ mission to further the protection of public health. In addition to tracking and responding to proposed legislation, MVCAC strives to keep legislators informed of issues of concern to vector control and provides expertise on potential legislative or regulatory solutions. Representatives from member districts participate in MVCAC’s annual “Legislative Day” advocacy event at the California State Capitol, providing local context to these issues to their legislators and many districts will invite legislators and staff out to their facilities to provide firsthand experience on vector control operations and the challenges they face.   

What legislators can do

Staying informed about vectors and vector-borne disease will allow lawmakers to be cognizant of potential public health impacts in new legislation. MVCAC and its member districts are always willing to meet with legislators and staff to periodically update them on our ongoing mission. A tour of a mosquito and vector control operation, offered by many of our member of districts, is also a great way to learn about the intricacies of public health vector control and the challenges these organizations face. 

What the general public can do

Strong public participation is essential to successful mosquito and vector control. The most important component of this is to practice effective mosquito control in your own home, by draining standing water and protecting yourself from mosquito bites. If you would also like to support MVCAC’s legislative and regulatory mission you can check the MVCAC website or contact your local vector control agency to find out what issues are most important to them. A call or letter of support to your local legislator can go a long way to ensure new legislation is supportive of our public health mission.