Legislative Day

Annually, MVCAC members participate in “Legislative Day” at the California State Capitol.  Representatives from member districts meet with their legislators to educate policymakers about Best Management Practices for mosquito and vector-borne disease prevention and secure support for advancements in surveillance, laboratory techniques, and vector control methods.

In 2024, MVCAC members met with legislators to discuss key issues including:

  • Last year, mosquito activity was very intense and public health threats continue to grow in the state.
  • Climate change is creating weather whiplash that intensifies the spread of invasive mosquitoes.
  • Water Retention in Utility Vaults promotes the development of mosquitoes.
  • Mosquito control experts need new innovative technologies to augment traditional control efforts.
  • CalSurv, the statewide surveillance database housed at UC Davis, continues to be an essential tool in fighting vector-borne diseases.

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