West Nile virus and invasive mosquitos arrive in Shasta County

July 3, 2021

Positive tests from samples of adult mosquitos in the Anderson and Shingletown area confirm the West Nile virus has returned to Shasta county.

The Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District (SMVCD) said in a press release Saturday that the positive tests came from routine collections as part of their surveillance program. The district is now attempting to decrease mosquito populations through ground treatments in areas where the positive mosquitos were found. They are also continuing their widespread mosquito trapping and testing to monitor virus activity.

“These positive samples are earlier when compared to previous years, but the higher temperatures can increase virus transmission rates in mosquitoes,” says Peter Bonkrude, SMVCD Manager. “The next few weeks are showing above-average temperatures that are conducive to mosquito production and virus transmission, so people need to protect themselves from mosquito bites.”

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