SCV News | Vector Control Encourages Residents to Make Mosquitoes and Their Bites ‘One Less Worry’ This Summer

From the California News Times
June 21, 2021

Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District launches summer campaign “Reduce one mosquito and reduce one worry” during National Mosquito Control Awareness Week to make mosquito control a part of daily life for residents Is encouraging.

The latest in the district Information on public servicesTired and overwhelmed parents are plagued by life-sized mosquitoes. She remembered that mosquitoes throwing tips, throwing, and taking action with repellents reduced their anxiety by one.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the daily lives of residents, especially families. Mary Joycoburn, Community Affairs Director at GLACVCD, said:” This campaign is for families. We hope that taking these precautions to protect ourselves will help parents and caregivers reduce their mosquito worries by one. ”

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