Mosquito district makes video to mock, we mean rock the ’80s (and fight the Zika virus)

From the Pasadena Star-News
June 25, 2019

What does an exotic brand of mosquito called Aedes and a musical video featuring people in pastel-colored sweats gyrating to a synthesized beat have in common?

Nothing, really.

Unless you are the folks from the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District.

The staff of the bug-squashing district created a public service announcement, called “Don’t Bring Back the Aedes,” that cleverly promotes a message of wearing insect repellent and tipping over pots of water carrying the Aedes eggs within a music video.

It’s all based on rhyming the bug’s name (pronounced A-DEEZ) with the ’80s decade. Throw in a rap number and some choreographed dance moves and there you have it.

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