Mosquito activity uptick in Los Angeles County increases risk of West Nile and other viral infections

From the Daily News
September 28, 2018

The Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District is warning residents that mosquito season in the area is not over just yet.

Ongoing mosquito activity is continuing to bring additional human West Nile infections, along with the threat of other illnesses transmitted by new invasive populations of Aedes mosquitoes.

The district collected 49 West Nile-positive mosquito samples this year compared to 309 from the same period last year. However, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Department has reported 28 human infections this year, and that the number is expected to increase.

West Nile virus is transmitted by the native Culex mosquitoes that are most active and bite between dusk and dawn. Residents are urged to use mosquito repellents with DEET in them if they are spending time outdoors during the early morning and evening hours.

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