Get ready to itch: Mosquitoes are back! | GEEK LAB

From ABC 10
March 28, 2019

Get ready to itch when you read this because we’re talking mosquitoes. Recent rain means there is a lot of standing water for the female mosquito to lay her eggs. Once those eggs hatch, those babies become adults in less than 10 days.

Only female mosquitoes bite so when there is standing water around for them to lay their eggs, they are attracted to that area and it increases the chance we’ll get bit.

Unfortunately, there are many diseases that can be spread through mosquitoes. We’ve heard a lot about West Nile Virus because that’s the one mostly spread in the United States. Mosquitoes can also spread Dengue Fever, Malaria, Rift Valley Fever and Yellow Fever. Most of these diseases resemble symptoms of the flu and should be treated by a doctor.

Prevention is the key to staying healthy this mosquito season. The Sacramento/Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District (Sac/Yolo MVCD) has a seven “D” mosquito checklist: 

  • DRAIN any standing water. 
  • DAWN and DUSK are the times to avoid being outdoors because at these times mosquitoes are most active. 
  • DRESS appropriately in long sleeves when possible. 
  • DEFEND against mosquitoes by wearing repellent. 
  • DOOR and windows screen should be in good working condition. 
  • DISTRICT personnel are available to assist you with any questions.

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