Drones Used to Combat Dengue and Zika in Brazil

From Homeland Security Today
March 20, 2018

Unmanned aerial vehicles are being used to recognize outbreaks of mosquitoes transmitting Dengue and Zika in Brazil, according to Drone Below.

Loglab and Cuiabá Municipal Government have formed a partnership to use drone to map and monitor mosquito larvae in Mato Grosso. Loglab founder, Fernando Pereira, says: “The drone identifies and marks mosquito-focused sites via geographic points, and that data is passed on to ground crews that can increase the effectiveness of their work.”

UAVs will fly over districts considered the worst for mosquito proliferation, and maps will be generated to serve as a guide for the Preventive Action Committee. The use of drones for mapping and monitoring mosquito larvae is part of an Integrated Health System project, which Loglab is developing for the Municipal Health Secretary.

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