County Officials Launch Zika Awareness Campaign

March 28, 2019

MCALLEN – County officials want you to “Fight to the Bite” this spring. The health department recently releasing a public service announcement reminding residents that the Zika virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites.

Eddie Olivarez, Hidalgo County Health Department, “There’s nine counties identified as high-risk counties. Over the last two years Hidalgo County being one of them.”

Zika has been an issue in the Rio Grande Valley since 2015 and health officials say it’s a year round problem.

“Hidalgo County is one of the few counties in the country where we work with our medical community. Where we have done over 35,000 Zika tested mommies and their partners, to assure that they’re ok to prevent any complications with Zika.”

As spring temperatures arrive more people are getting out doors to enjoy the weather. Interaction with mosquitos is almost inevitable. Director Olivarez says follow the four D’s.

Dress properly. Long sleeves could be light cotton clothing. I know it’s getting warm but long sleeve shirts and long pants. Dusk/Dawn, those times of day are best to stay indoors. Use DEET repellent. Drain all the standing waters from the yard and consult your physician. Go to the doctor if your concerned about you being yourself sick.”

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