California residents urged to dump out standing water as mosquito season heats up

Kristin Hanes, SFGATE – Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The heavy rains may be wiping out California’s drought, but they’re breeding a different sort of problem. One that’s tiny, irritating, and makes a high pitch buzzing sound in your ear.

“Persistent rains require persistent mosquito control,” said Jamesina Scott, district manager and research director for Lake County Vector Control, and President of Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California. “We have had a lot of heavy rain and a lot of standing water. Our early season mosquitoes are taking full advantage of it. Mosquito control workers across the state have been inspecting all the standing water that’s out there now to find the best control solution.”

There are 56 different types of mosquitoes that live in California. Every one has its own season, is own habitat, its own hosts, and ability to transmit disease.

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