West Nile Virus Detected in Pasadena For First Time in 3 Years

From Pasadena Now
July 26, 2021

A local mosquito control official is urging the public to protect themselves from mosquito bites and intensify their mosquito prevention measures at home after West Nile virus was detected for the first time in Pasadena in 2021.

Levy Sun, communications director of the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (SGVMVCD), on Monday confirmed the detection of the virus in mosquito samples collected from traps set in Eaton Blanche Park in Pasadena.

Sun noted that this is the first time in three years that officials detected the West Nile virus in Pasadena.

The announcement comes a week after the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD) announced the detection of the virus in its service area.

“We detected a West Nile virus in the community around Eaton Blanche Park,” Sun said.

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