Want insecticide resistance training and testing in your area?

If you would like to collect and test mosquito (Aedes or Culex) samples for insecticide resistance, PacVec provides training and testing services at no charge. Michael Bollinger in Dr. Anton Cornel’s laboratory is leading this activity and is available to discuss testing strategies or to provide on-site training on bottle bioassay testing in your area. We offer three options for testing or training:

1. Partnering with a local agency to host a resistance testing workshop that includes the host agency and neighboring agencies in a single event.

2. Partnering with a local agency to perform mosquito collection and testing with the agency’s staff.

3.Collecting and testing mosquitoes from areas where data are lacking with/without involvement of local agency staff.

Any of the above activities will yield immediate data to guide your control decisions. Involvement of local agency staff is ideal to provide a learning experience. If a single agency would like to host a training that can involve neighboring agencies, that is also very helpful to increase the value of each workshop. If larval bioassays are wanted in addition to CDC bottle bioassays, please let us know that as well.

Contact us as soon as possible at bioassays@pacvec.us to make plans for summer testing and training.