Do it yourself: 3D-printed miniature CDC trap for adult mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) surveillance

Bibbs CS, Reissen N, Dewsnup MA, Sorensen RB, Faraji A, White GS (2024)

Abstract: 3D printing could improve the accessibility of the CDC trap by eliminating some of the supply chain variables. We present here several trials with the Salt Lake City (SLC) trap, a three-dimensional (3D) printed trap design. No statistically significant differences were found when comparing CO2 line height(above vs. below fan), battery types (sealed lead acid vs. USB battery pack), and trap body collection shape (funnel body vs. simple/straight body). The SLC trap was compared directly to a commercial equivalent, the Clarke ABC trap, with comparative assessment on species diversity and abundance and found to be statistically equivalent on all metrics. Our final design is presented here with the publicly published stereolithography (STL) files and a detailed outline of the transport container system.

Note: This trap design was presented at the Annual MVCAC conference and is cited here for reference.