Aedes Aegypti Oviposition-Sites Choice Under Semi-Field Conditions

David,M.R.,Maciel-de-Freitas,R., Petersen,M.T.,Bray,D.,Hawkes,F.M.,Fernández-Grandon, G.M.etal.(2023)

Aedes aegypti oviposition-sites choice under semi-field conditions. Medical and Veterinary Entomology, 37(4),683–692.

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Aedes aegypti in Brazil were offered a variety of oviposition containers within a semi-field cage. Gravid females preferred to oviposit close to the ground and in open water containers with organic compounds from plant watering. Domestic large artificial containers containing tap water received significantly fewer eggs, except for car tires, which received as many eggs as potted plants. Visual (potted plant shape) and olfactory clues (odor of the plant or from water containing organic matter) were equally attractive separately as they were together. These data may be useful in surveillance and control operations searching for larval sources.