June 2021 Agency Spotlight






“The only constant in life is change.”

Whether it’s changing sources, zones, products or even species of mosquitoes, anyone in the world of mosquito control knows this quote very well. And now the Delta Vector Control District has a new change to announce—the District has a new name. Delta Vector Control District is now Delta Mosquito and Vector Control District (District).

According to District Manager Mustapha Debboun, Ph.D., the reason for the change is rooted in increasing constituent understanding.

“I felt the residents of the District did not understand the word, “vector” by itself and didn’t have a clear understanding of our mission until we explain to them that we are providing mosquito surveillance and control services. Adding the word, “mosquito” better reflects and publicizes the primary purposes and goals of the Delta Mosquito and Vector Control District and illustrates that the District’s services and responsibilities include both mosquito and vector surveillance and control activities.”

Founded in 1922, Delta Mosquito Abatement District was tasked with reducing the risk of mosquito-borne illness by controlling mosquitoes in and around the city of Visalia. Over the years, the District’s jurisdiction continued to expand and in 1973, the District’s name changed to Delta Vector Control District to reflect the District’s services to control mosquitoes, flies and other vectors of disease or harm. However, the change left residents to wonder what a vector is. During the nearly 40 years since the last name change, District employees have spent countless hours explaining the definition of the word, “vector” to the public. Then, Debboun had an idea.

Thanks to the California Health and Safety Code, which allows Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control Districts to change a District’s name to more correctly describe and reflect its area of activity, Debboun had what he needed to end the confusion. He proposed the name change to the District’s Board of Trustees and asked the District’s former biologist Jesse Erandio to design a new logo. During the May Board of Trustees meeting, the District’s Trustees unanimously approved the name change and new logo.

“I expect residents will still ask what a vector is, but the name change and new logo should remove some of the confusion, after all, they should know what a mosquito is,” said Debboun.

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