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Recent MVCAC Job Listings

Vector Control Surveillance Internship (Paid), Lake County Vector Control District

POSITION: Vector Control Surveillance Internship (Paid)

SALARY: $12-$14/ hour, DOE

FILING DEADLINE: February 13, 2015 or until filled

BENEFITS: Paid holidays.

STATUS: Seasonal, 40 hrs/week.  Typically March through October, but this position may be extended to accommodate the needs of the District.


The Lake County Vector Control District (LCVCD) is an independent special district that serves all of Lake County.  In addition to mosquito and mosquito-borne disease surveillance and control, the District also conducts regular surveillance for ticks and tick-borne diseases, the nuisance midge Chaoborus astictopus (Clear Lake Gnat), and surveillance and control for various Culicoides species.  The District responds as needed to other vectors and vector-borne diseases that occur within the county.  In order to address the variety of unusual vectors and vector situations that occur within its boundaries, the LCVCD maintains a strong research program and regularly presents its findings at state and national conferences and in journals.


This position will report to work at the district office in Lakeport each day.  Work area may change from day to day depending on need, and be anywhere in Lake County.  The internship is not a tenure-track appointment, and interns are selected on the basis that the working/learning experience at LCVCD will contribute to the attainment of their career goals in the natural sciences.  The intern will gain practical experience in the field of public health vector surveillance and control, which should serve as a stepping stone for career advancement.  There may be opportunities to collaborate on publications and/or presentations for state or national conferences.

Experience in biology laboratory and/or fieldwork are highly desirable.  College coursework in biological sciences required.  A bachelor’s degree and/or previous laboratory experience preferred but not required.  The position requires a valid California driver’s license and employees must be insurable with the District’s insurance carrier using the accepted guidelines of the insurance provider.

Additional information and applications are available at http://www.lcvcd.org/About/Jobs/index.html.


Vector Control Technician Trainee, Coachella Valley MVCD


SALARY:     $2,004.32 – $2,558.08   (Range 2 CSEA MOU)

BENEFITS: Full benefit package (retirement, medical, dental, vision, sick leave, 12 ½ paid holidays annually)

STATUS:    Regular full time, subject to six (6) month probation period

CLOSING DATE:  January 30, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Definition of the Position: This entry-level trainee, field bargaining position, under supervision, as a member of a crew, performs assigned and routine surveillance and control efforts.

For more information, please click here.

Antelope Valley MVCD Seasonal Vector Control Technician

Position: Seasonal Vector Control Technician
Filing Period: Position is open until filled

To obtain an application, please visit our website www.avmosquito.org/jobs.html

Submit by e-mail to Leann@avmosquito.org.

SALARY:  starting at $12/hour

BENEFITS: no benefits

STATUS: Seasonal full-time (usually May – October)

For more information, please click here.

Butte County MVCD – Vector Ecologist / Fish Biologist

Filing Deadline: Open Until Filled
Salary: $4151.33/month – $5841.33/month

The Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District (BCMVCD) is an independent special district that serves all of Butte County, except the small areas served by the Durham and Oroville Mosquito Abatement Districts. Additionally, BCMVCD serves Hamilton City and other small areas of Glenn County. In addition to mosquito and mosquito-borne disease surveillance and control, the District also conducts regular surveillance for ticks, yellow jackets, and other nuisance pests and vectors of disease. The mission of BCMVCD is primarily to suppress mosquito-transmitted disease and to also reduce the annoyance levels of mosquitoes and diseases associated with ticks, fleas and other vectors through environmentally compatible control practices and public education.

Under the direction of the District Manager and direct supervision of the Assistant Manager and/or Entomologist II, this position provides professional biological and entomological services and provides for the production of Gambusia affinis (mosquitofish) for the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District. The Vector Ecologist / Fish Biologist must be knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively with members of the public, present himself/herself professionally, and work cooperatively with coworkers, members of the public, and employees of other agencies. This position requires working outside in a variety of weather conditions ranging from below freezing to above 100° with exposure to sun, heat, wind, and rain. The Vector Ecologist / Fish Biologist regularly works with and uses pesticides. The Vector Ecologist / Fish Biologist will be working in and around water.

For more information, please click here.


Shasta MVCD Field Supervisor


Position: Field Supervisor

Filing Period: Position is open until filled, but District Management will review applications the first week of February, 2015.

Resumes alone will not be accepted, but may be included with application. To obtain an application, please visit our website www.shastamosquito.org, look in “About Us.”

Submit by e-mail to contact@shastamosquito.org. Please attach the application materials as a Word or PDF file with the classification title, Field Supervisor in the subject line.

SALARY:  $5,563 to $6,831/month

BENEFITS: benefits package including health insurance, vision coverage, dental insurance and paid vacation.

STATUS: Regular full-time

Please click here for more information.