Yellow Fever Mosquito Found Again In Stockton

From the Escalon Times
June 9, 2021

The San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District’s mosquito surveillance system has detected the invasive yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) again, for the third consecutive year, in the Brookside area of Stockton.

“This is the earliest find of the yellow fever mosquito in the last three years for San Joaquin County,” said Aaron Devencenzi, Public Information Officer of the District. “The public can help prevent the spread of these invasive mosquitoes by calling in daytime biting mosquitoes to the District.”

The District will continue surveillance efforts by placing traps used to collect adult mosquitoes and mosquito eggs. Additional measures may include the District’s staff conducting door-to-door inspections of the residential area near the recent Aedes aegypti detection.

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