WVMVCD Media Release: Invasive Mosquito Alert: Aedes albopictus Detected in Montclair

From West Valley MVCD
October 2, 2017

The West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District has detected the presence of Aedes albopictus, commonly known as the Asian tiger mosquito, in Montclair. This detection occurred during routine surveillance near Kingsley and Ramona Ave.

Aedes albopictus are small, black and white mosquitoes that will aggressively pursue people during the day and the evening. They prefer to lay eggs in man-made receptacles such as tires, fountains, potted plants, and birdbaths. Asian tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs singly on the sides of containers, usually just above the water line, and when the eggs meet with water, they activate and hatch. They are not solely outdoors either, they will lay eggs in containers inside homes as well.

Aedes albopictus are an important species because they are known transmitters of West Nile virus, Dengue, and Zika virus. They have been spreading rapidly throughout Southern California, and have the potential to be a serious vector in our region.

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