What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Child Language Development and Zika Virus Exposure: An Interview with Dr. Keisha Lindsay

From NYU Steinhardt
June 3, 2020

We sat down with Provost’s Fellow and Assistant Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders Keisha Lindsay to discuss her research on the 2016 Zika epidemic and the expertise speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can lend to global public health issues.

Although the Zika (ZIKV) epidemic affected 84 countries, research on the developmental trajectories of children with confirmed or suspected prenatal exposure to the virus is limited.

“As a researcher, I am deeply committed to creating knowledge about individuals, groups, and communities that we have not yet described in the scholarship of our field,” said Dr. Keisha Lindsay, who is currently researching the effects of ZIKV on child development in an investigation taking place on the Eastern Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

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