West Nile virus found in Chino Hills

From Champion Newspapers
July 6, 2019

Mosquitoes collected near Torrey Pines Drive and Los Serranos Country Club Drive in Chino Hills June 25 and 28 have tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

It is the first indication this year of a positive testing, said Brian Reisinger of the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District.

The mosquitoes could have been caught up to a one-mile radius around the trap location, Mr. Reisinger said.

He advises the community to dump out standing water near their homes, wear repellent outdoors, and call the District if they have mosquitoes, at 635-0307.

The District regularly traps and tests mosquitoes to check for the virus, he said.

Officials warn that in the summer, water that sits for longer than 48 hours such as in planter pots, birdbaths, and pet water bowls, can have enough algae and bacteria to support larvae development.

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