Vector Control: Mosquitoes are here early

From Gold Country Media
March 14, 2020

Mosquito season began a little early this year. With the unseasonably warm temperatures this month, officials from the Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District have been hard at work.

“People are getting eaten alive,” said Meagan Luevano, public information officer for the district. “It’s been so warm, and the rice field mosquito has been pretty much everywhere and they are really aggressive biters.”

Luevano delivered a report to the Auburn City Council on Monday, reporting on what residents should look out for this year.

“Because we were so warm in February, this year our season sort of got started a little early,” Luevano said.

The vector control district’s main job is mostly to monitor the mosquito and tick community and educate the public when they are at risk of a disease carried by one of the pests. They also educate the community on how to defend themselves against mosquitoes and ticks.

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