Support for MVCAC Members Impacted by CA Wildfires

MVCAC Members,

We’re writing to relay the unfortunate news that some of your fellow members have lost their homes as a result of the current destructive wildfires that are ravaging our state. The bad news is, their homes are total losses.  The good news is they and their loved ones are safe.

We want to help any of our members who may be severely impacted by the wildfires in any way we can – whether it be through donations of gift cards (cash gift cards (Visa, AMEX, MC types), Bel Air, Raleys, Safeway, Costco, or Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, Target etc), OR cash/credit card donations can be sent directly to MVCAC who will then disperse them to the members directly. Notes of encouragement will also be relayed.

At this time, we are monitoring to see if we have other members who have been adversely affected by any of the California fires and do ask you to let us know if you are aware of others.

If you would like to mail in your donations or notes of encouragement please send to:


Attn: Rachel Hickerson Assistant Executive Director

1 Capitol Mall, Suite 800

Sacramento, CA 95814

We have set up online donations through our member portal. You are also welcome to call Rachel or Evan at the MVCAC Office with donations over the phone: 916-440-0826. In addition, we have a donation form that can be printed and sent to Rachel or Evan.

Thank you to everyone for your support. 


The MVCAC Staff