Springtime marks the start of mosquito season. How to prepare

From ABC 30
May 1, 2019

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A cemetery may seem like an unlikely place to start the annual battle against mosquitos, but the flower pots and the water in them can be a primary breeding ground for these pests.

“We are finding an extreme amount of mosquito larvae in the usual places,” said Ryan McNeil. “Hot spots around town, the Fig Garden area, local cemeteries, the zoo, places of that nature.” 

Crews from the Mosquito Abatement team are placing insecticide pellets in pots with standing water in the cemetery. Elsewhere mosquito fish are placed in old swimming pools or unused fountains where the water is still. 

The best way to keep mosquitos away is to eliminate any standing water around your home.

“The main thing residents of the county and everywhere can do to reduce the risk of mosquitos and the diseases they carry is to get rid of standing water,” McNeil said. “Whether it’s a flower pot, tires, children’s toys, trash, anything that can hold water.” 

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