Skin Cells Might Protect People From Zika Infection

From Zika News
April 1, 2020

A new study may unlock the path scientists need to follow when developing a Zika virus vaccine.

Published on April 1, 2020, these researchers said ‘In the skin, antiviral proteins and other immune molecules serve as the first line of innate antiviral defense.’

In this study, they identified and characterized the induction of cutaneous innate antiviral proteins in response to IL-27 and its functional role during cutaneous defense against Zika virus infection. 

Transcriptional and phenotypic profiling of epidermal keratinocytes treated with IL-27 demonstrated activation of antiviral proteins OAS1, OAS2, OASL, and MX1 in the skin of both mice and humans. 

As a result, IL-27–mediated antiviral protein induction was found to occur in a STAT1- and IRF3-dependent, but STAT2-independent manner. 

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