Sacramento Area Is Set to Receive an Aerial Insecticide Spraying

From Gazette Day
August 2, 2018

To curb the ballooning threat of West Nile Virus, an aerial insecticide spraying has to be conducted. The officials reported that the spray would take place in Elk Grove, the neighborhood’s south of Fruitridge, and the pocket. The spraying will begin on Monday and continue till Tuesday. The Sacramento Vector Control District reported that the spraying would kill the insects that transmit the virus. The announcement came after reports that the Sacramento city unintentionally elevated the risk of its residents contracting the virus courtesy of the developing bodies of stagnant waters that are ideal for mosquito breeding. The Sacramento Vector Control said that the sprayings were scheduled to take place from 8 PM to 12 AM on Monday and Tuesday. A news release said that the spraying is meant to cover about 41,000 acres in area.

The district’s website is reported to contain a mosquito treatment notification service including a communicating map so that the residents can freely figure out whether they are in the spraying zone. Gary Goodman, the district manager, said that it was paramount that they act fast to decrease the risk of the residents contracting West Nile virus and also protect the public. This is especially during the hot summer when the mosquito population is immensely high. When the numbers of these insects are high, the more the residents are at risk of contracting the virus.

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