Residents urged to eliminate places where mosquito breed

From The Ceres Courier
April 28, 2021

As the temperatures increase, so do the number of mosquitoes which are responsible for spreading diseases such as West Nile Virus and Saint Louis encephalitis virus. The Turlock Mosquito Abatement District – which includes Ceres – reminds residents to take steps to prevent mosquitoes and mosquito‐borne diseases.

During 2020, mosquitoes were responsible for causing 231 human cases and 20 horse cases of West Nile Virus in California. In Stanislaus County, there were 36 human WNV cases along with three horse cases during 2020. There was also one human case of St. Louis encephalitis virus.

The district urges residents to “Dump and Drain” standing water around their properties.

“Preventing opportunities for mosquitoes to breed around your home can help protect you and your family,” said David Heft, general manager for Turlock Mosquito Abatement District.

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