Record Heat Brings Mosquitoes Out In Sacramento

From CBS Sacramento
February 6, 2018

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Warm weather in the Sacramento region has brought the mosquitoes out in force. The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control says it’s getting more calls earlier this year.

Playtime at the park for many is being interrupted by the persistent pests.

“You can’t really see it, but I can feel it,” said one child playing at Regency Park in Natomas.

“Too much mosquito. It’s bad,” said another woman walking nearby.

“They’re hungry, and they’re biting,” explained Luz Maria Robles with the Sacramento–Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control.

“They think that it’s spring, so they’re coming out in higher numbers,” Robles continued.

Robles says her office is receiving more calls for service earlier this year.

They’re treating the surrounding rice farms, which is where this particular species of mosquito typically lives.

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