Peak Mosquito Season is Coming. Here’s All You Need to Know

From NBC Los Angeles
May 6, 2021

It’s that time of year again: it’s time for swimming, basking in the sun, and of course, fending off annoying bites from mosquitoes. 

What’s worse, in Southern California, is the presence of an aggressive ankle-biter mosquito that will bite multiple times, and doesn’t wait for dusk — they’ll attack right in the middle of the day, or even inside your house. That’s atypical mosquito behavior, at least for the kinds that are native to Southern California. 

If you’ve noticed over the last few years that you’ve been bitten multiple times around your ankles, you were likely victim to the Aedes mosquito, which officials believe arrived on a container ship from Asia. It’s an invasive species, meaning not native to Southern California. And they have the potential to carry harmful diseases, including the Zika virus. 

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