Part Time Neglected Pool Targeting Analyst, Aerial Services

Description: This position is home based, and requires a reasonably fast Windows 10 or later workstation with 2 good monitors, and a fast internet connection. Required licensed software includes Excel, Photoshop CS6 or higher, and free software including Google Earth PRO, FileZilla , as well as the installation of a number of data and image management programs provided by Aerial Services.

Our analytic season starts mid-March and continues demand-based through September. We fly a customer-specified area taking high definition aerial photos, and place data on our secure FTP. You will receive your assignments by email, and will download raw image and tabular data. After completing a carefully scripted set of tasks identifying neglected pools, you will return extracted data to the FTP site. Our goal is to deliver highly accurate results to the customer 5-7 days after the flight, so the work is intermittent but intense.

This process is visually challenging, and requires attention to detail, and a consistent approach to the work. Distractions increase error rates, so the work environment should a quiet area away from other home activities. Task sessions should be limited to times that you are refreshed, and should include a short break each hour to relieve the stress of concentration.

Many of our analysts have been with us for multiple seasons, and more than a few are employees of mosquito districts .

Submission Deadline: Open Until Filled

Please email your interest to