Officials warn of invasive mosquito species surging in SoCal that aggressively bites humans

October 7, 2021

Los Angeles County authorities are warning residents that an invasive species of tropical mosquitoes is becoming more prevalent in the region.

The Aedes mosquitos are more aggressive against humans than other species in the area, and they’re difficult to get rid of because their ability to reproduce exponentially, experts say. They’ve also triggered a warning in the San Gabriel Valley and Orange County.

Vector control officials set up traps in neighborhoods around L.A. County to monitor the insects, and so far this year they’ve trapped the most in Sunland and Sun Valley.

People aren’t imagining it when they say they’re getting bit more this year, said Susanne Kluh, director of scientific and technical services for the Greater L.A. County Vector Control District.

The species has been in the region since 2011, but “depending on where you live, it might have just started really building up this year,” Kluh said.

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