News Brief 6.22.22

Upcoming Events; PR Resources for MVCAC Members; A Review of Zoonotic Disease Threats to Pet Owners: A Compendium of Measures to Prevent Zoonotic Diseases Associated with Non-Traditional Pets: Rodents and Other Small Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Backyard Poultry, and Other Selected Animals; Duration of West Nile Virus Immunoglobulin M Antibodies up to 81 Months Following West Nile Virus Disease Onset; DPR System Public Engagement Opportunity; Meritorious Service Award, Honorary Member Award and Service with Distinction Award Nominations Now Open; MVCAC Corporate Member Fiscal Status Report Submission for 2022-23 Dues; Share Your Post COVID-19 Exposure Methods With Us; MVCAC Member Resources Re: COVID-19; Spotlight On: SGV Journey of the Germ; Submit your district for the next Spotlight On; HR resources for districts to use and to upload information into; MVCAC News Briefs – Zika Updates; MVCAC News Briefs – Other Outbreaks; Do you have important news to share about your district or mosquito and vector issues?; MVCAC Jobs Board; MVCAC Sustaining Member Corner
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