New Camp Fire horror: Mosquitoes in droves

From the Chico Enterprise-Record
May 2, 2019

CHICO — It’s the time of year when the mosquito abatement office starts revving up with news about protection and prevention against the bugs.

But for the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District staff, it’s a spring like no other. The mosquito control district is reeling from the Camp Fire, but in a way that many may not realize.

“The Camp Fire has thrown us unforeseen challenges. We are overwhelmed,” said district manager Matt Ball.

Ball and his staff have been dealing with abandoned pools here and there throughout the county, but those numbers are rampant in Paradise.

“You’ll come up and there will be no house, but a pool in the back yard full of green water,” Ball said this week. No one is visiting the house site to deal with the pool, as one by one, the house debris is collected during clean-up.

Worse yet, the clean-up does not include pools, which are left as is, but fenced. The district is encouraging property owners to get mosquitofish for free for those pools. Switching on the pool recirculation system can help move the water and prevent egg laying, Ball said.

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