Most Texas cases of Zika are travel-related

From FOX 15
December 28, 2017

ABILENE, TX – West Texas is being hit by a cold front, bringing unfriendly temperatures for mosquitos. But Texas health officials are still concerned with the zika virus.

“Most cases of zika that have been reported in 2017 in Texas have been travel related,” says Dr. Jennifer Shuford, Infectious Disease Medical Officer for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Dr. Shuford says 47 cases of zika were reported in Texas this year. But in 45 cases, the carriers had one thing in common.

“Then they are diagnosed once they’re back in Texas. But they actually didn’t get the infection here. They got it while they were traveling,” says Dr. Shuford.
Although most of the cases are due to mosquito transmission. There are other ways to contract the virus.

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