Mosquitoes which may carry Zika virus found in Nebraska

September 23, 2019

Specialists with the Center for Disease Control are in the town of York. They’re studying a rare type of mosquito that can carry the Zika virus and are finding out why they are in Nebraska.

The species- Aedes Aegypti was found in York during a routine trapping.

Officials want to know how it got there before the public catches any exotic diseases.

In late August, members of the health department were doing their routine mosquito trappings for the year when they got a call back from the labs saying they found a species of mosquito that wasn’t supposed to be in Nebraska.

“These mosquitoes, these Aedes Aegypti, we’re just trying to verify if they’re here. We do not expect that they are carrying diseases, so right now we are just trying to find out if they’ve moved into our area from other parts of the southern united states or from another area in the world,” Executive Director of the Four Corners Health Department, Laura McDougall said. 

The people are worried: is this a mosquito that can carry Zika virus?

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