Mosquito Control In Claremont

From the Claremont-La Verne Patch
June 9, 2021

Property owners and residents are reminded that standing water found around the home in cans, buckets, discarded tires, bird baths, and clogged rain gutters can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Please perform routine inspections of yard areas of standing water and containers that may hold water. Unmaintained swimming pools, spas, and decorative fountains can also become a potential breeding ground. Property owners and residents are reminded to perform routine maintenance on a regular basis. They should be kept in operable condition and free of algae growth. If you see a pool, pond, or fountain that appears unfiltered or contains green, stagnant water, please contact the Community Improvement Division at (909) 399-5467, or the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District at (626) 814-9466.

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