Mosquito capable of carrying Zika virus found in Albuquerque

From KRQE Media
October 16, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Mosquitos that have the potential to carry the Zika virus have been found in Albuquerque’s Bosque. 

This is the first time this particular mosquito species has been found in the area. 

While the species is capable of carrying the virus, at this point local health officials say they are not carrying Zika. 

The city and county are evaluating ways to stop or delay the insects from becoming established. 

“In the spring when we come back and mosquitos really pick up again, then we’ll start looking again to see if there’s been any expansion in where that habitat is and do effective of a control as possible,” said Dr. Mark DiMenna. 

The same mosquitos have been found in 14 other New Mexico counties. 

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