Mosquito activity high in Bakersfield

September 16, 2019

A species of mosquitoes is infesting Kern County and it has already taken over at least 50 neighborhoods. 

That’s according to Gene Abbott, manager at Kern Mosquito and Vector Control. The species, Aedes aegypti, an aggressive, day-biting mosquito, has the potential to spread viruses such as dengue fever, yellow fever, or Zika virus but it has not progressed to that stage yet, Abbott said. But they are impacting people’s quality of life.

About 90 percent of Bakersfield is currently impacted by the mosquitoes, Abbott said. They’ve most recently expanded into Oildale and northwest Bakersfield, he said. 

“Though they’re not carrying any diseases yet, they are a nuisance,” Abbott said. “These are the mosquitoes that interrupt backyard barbecues and birthday parties. They could very well be a concern in the future.”

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