Mistaken identity? Some Texans think mostly-harmless cicada killer wasps are Asian giant hornets

June 17, 2020

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Mostly-harmless Cicada killer wasps that emerge in Texas every summer are being confused for so-called Asian “murder hornets” that have caused panic in the United States, an entomologist has said.

She said there’s no need to worry here in Texas because the giant hornets, which can reach up to two inches in length, have not been found in the U.S. outside of Washington state.

Despite their name, cicada killer wasps are mostly harmless to humans – their name comes from their hunting of cicadas.

Entomologist Wizzie Brown said people have been emailing her with concerns about the cicada killers, which are being mistaken for the Asian giant hornets due to their large size and distinctive coloring.

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