Merced County cracking down on neglected pools, concerned of more mosquitoes

May 2, 2018

MERCED COUNTY, California – Merced County is cleaning up, especially water in neglected pools. The county’s mosquito abatement district recently found there is a large number of those pools, which are the perfect place for mosquitoes to breed.

The potential for large amounts for mosquitoes worries the district because it means more carriers for certain diseases in the county.

Technicians with the district have been wasting no time to treat water turned green. Green water means algae is growing, which means mosquito larvae are feeding.

With the help of aerial photos, the county found there are more than 1,600 neglected pools. Initially, they thought they’d only have a couple hundred based on previous numbers.

“It was all just word-of-mouth and whatever the technicians came across,” said the district’s general manager, Rhiannon Jones. “The numbers were low because it’s all just by phone calls.”

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