Lots of rain means lots of mosquitoes in the Midstate

From the Cumberland County Sentinel
September 30, 2018

They buzz, they bite and they make you itch. Now, thanks to an abundance of rain this summer and early fall, the little blood suckers are back with a vengeance.

Periods of excessive rain beginning in the spring have caused the mosquito population to explode in the Midstate, according to John Bitner, chief of the Vector Control/Weights & Measures Office for Cumberland County.

“We’ve been pretty inundated with people calling with mosquito complaints,” Bitner said.

The heavy rains experienced in the Midstate have created two problems that result in more mosquitoes, Bitner said. More standing water provides more breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which creates more opportunities to increase the mosquito population, he said.

The other problem is the rains have limited the ability of Vector Control to reduce the mosquito population.

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