Is a new mosquito-borne virus making its way to Georgia?

June 24, 2019

MACON, Ga. — Mosquito-born diseases can be fatal, and some experts say a warming climate could make things worse.

WGXA spoke with a mosquito expert, Dr. Bruce Snyder, with Georgia College and State University to see if Middle Georgians should be concerned.

Georgia is home to 60 species of mosquitoes, as well as mosquito-borne diseases including West Nile and Zika — but should Georgians be concerned about the spreading of a new virus known as dengue? A recent study analyzed the current and future distribution of the virus, and the group of people who could also be most at risk for it.

“Dengue can be fatal but it rarely is, so it definitely can affect many more people. Especially if it does get transmitted into the US and become established and really move northward,” Snyder said.

Mosquitoes carry and transmit the virus, much like the Zika and yellow fever viruses.

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