Invasive mosquito terrorizes some Visalia neighborhoods. Vector control urges community support

From the Visalia Times Delta
April 28, 2021

An invasive mosquito species that feasts on humans during the day has seen an uptick in Visalia neighborhoods.

The special district that manages the pests may seek a property tax assessment to help control the mosquito menaces, called Aedes aegypti or Yellow Fever Mosquito.

The species was rediscovered in Tulare County in 2017 and its population has exploded in the years since. The aggressive mosquito is a daytime biter — unlike most native California species — and can breed on any source of freshwater, including plant trays and pet water dishes. 

The mosquito can carry deadly diseases, such as Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Zika. None of these viruses have been transmitted within California, yet, according to the Department of Public Health, but have become widespread in other parts of the world where the mosquito is active.

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