Invasive Aedes mosquito species found for first time in county, spawning health concerns

From the Ventura County Star
September 21, 2020

A potentially dangerous species of mosquito not found before in Ventura County has emerged in Simi Valley with more people reporting bites every day.

“We are being flooded with calls,” said Ron Ventura, supervisor with the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. “We’re getting a dozen calls a day at least.”

The small black mosquito with white stripes on its back and legs is called Aedes aegypti or yellow fever mosquito. Found in Kern and Los Angeles counties and long suspected of having crossed into Ventura County, the aggressive day-biting insect was found in Simi Valley on Sept. 9 after a resident reported being bitten.

The mosquitoes generate concern because they have the potential to transmit dangerous viruses including Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

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