In the war on West Nile Virus, mosquito-eating fish are the latest biological weapon

From the Los Angeles Daily News
August 14, 2018

Millie Cavafian lives in South Pasadena next door to a vacant home with an old swimming pool teeming with green algae.

“Five minutes out of the house and we are bitten by mosquitoes. We have kids and they have complained about it,” she told Marc Mitchell, vector control specialist.

Mitchell scooped several mosquito fish from his bucket and let them swim free into the murky pool waterAt one end of the kidney-shaped pool, rings popped up in the green muck marking where mosquito larvae were jumping up for air.

“Thank you for addressing that one over there,” Cavafian said to him.

One look at these skinny topminnows being dropped into pools, fountains and flood control channels and you would never know they have a voracious appetite.

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