How to prevent mosquitoes from swarming in your yard

From KCRA 3
March 14, 2019

It’s the kind of buzz nobody likes to hear, the annoying sound of an opportunistic mosquito looking for a bite to eat.

As a waterlogged Sacramento emerges from a wet winter, mosquitoes are coming out of hibernation — and they’re hungry.


Temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s draw the bugs out of their winter sleep. And as soon as we get a stretch of warm weather, they start laying their eggs.

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District said they are starting to get more calls for service as mosquito activity has increased over the last week.

“As soon as we see steady warm temperatures, we will definitely see an increase in mosquitoes. We are supposed to have warmer temperatures over the weekend and with all the rain and stagnant water, it’s very likely we will see mosquitoes in higher numbers,” Luz Robles said.

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