‘Fight the Bite’: How to Protect Against Mosquitoes in San Diego

From NBC San Diego
April 16, 2019

Warmer days across San Diego County mean mosquitos are starting to make their presence known and the insects may find your backyard – and any little pocket of stagnant water – an especially comfortable place to breed this season.

“Even the small little sources that show up in backyards can produce a lot of mosquitos when you add it all up,” Chris Conlan, Supervising Vector Ecologist for the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health, said.

“The bottom line is anything that can hold water for a week or longer is a potential mosquito breeding source – whether it’s that saucer under your plants, an old bucket, kids toys that are getting filled up every time the sprinklers go off – the list is endless, really.”

Conlan, along with San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox and other environmental health officials, held a news briefing Tuesday to remind locals to protect themselves against mosquitos and mosquito-borne illnesses.

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